Jv_Ortiz© Stand 4 Something or Fall for Anything

Jv_Ortiz© Stand 4 Something or Fall for Anything

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Jv_Ortiz© "Stand 4 Something or Fall for Anything"
|Recording & Mixing Engineer | Producer | Photographer | Video Editor | Computer Specitlist

RETNA & ZES “Excavated Revelations” Los Angeles Show Opening Coverage Last night in Los Angeles, SAN attended the opening of “Excavated Revelations” RETNA & ZES new show at Known Gallery.
Introduced in their youth by their mutual friend AYER, ZES and RETNA led parallel lives through an upbringing in graffiti.
In a jam packed gallery, the attendees were in for a treat discovering the graffiti-inspired pieces that stays true to the original street art style, we especially enjoyed RETNA’s new pieces with some beautiful etched and hand finished pieces on found wood.
This type of show doesn’t come around often and it’s a must see for a lovers of LA Street Art, it runs until February 25th so make sure to stop by if you are in LA!

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue , Los Angeles 90036

Pics by our LA correspondent Lindsey Kohon


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